Saturday, May 28

Nail Art Tutorial: Hello Kitty

Thank God for this wonderful day! I am so blessed with very good friends. I only got few friends but I make sure that every friendship I have, they are very special. One of my most treasured friend is "Aper" (Jennifer Tan-Ching) in fact her daughter is my God-daughter and her son is my dear "H's" God-son. Since Shawn will be with his Lola Vie, we decided to visit the Ching's Crib plus I wanted to do a hello kitty nail art for my God-daughter AJ (Aper's daughter) as I promised her. AJ will be turning 5 y/o this coming June, time really flies children grows so fast and boy oh boy!!! I can really run out of answers and giving reasons to her! As a matter of fact she even asked me lots of questions while I was doing her nails. The question that got me speechless was when she asked me "ninang why does Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth?" ;) Smart and very curious kid huh?! Then her mom was scolding her because her nails were so small because she has this habit of biting them, she told her mom- "Mommy, if my nails were bigger it won't be called "Hello Kitty " anymore. It will be "Hello Cat" already". Hahaha... Kids does say the darnest things!

So here is how I did her nails. 
(Since AJ's nails were so small I used mine for the demo).

Materials needed: Nail polishes- white, black, red, yellow and clear for the top coat Nail dotter or you can just use a toothpick Fine bristled brush

1. Use white nail polish for the base color.

2. Dab the nail dotter to a yellow nail polish as shown above for the nose.

Show in this photo is where the nose of Hello Kitty would be. Dotted almost at the center.

3. Using a black nail polish, dot it on the nail for Hello Kitty's eyes.

4. For the ribbon, I made 3 red dots. The center dot smaller than the dots on the sides as shown above.

5. Using the fine brush, draw 3 whiskers on each side.

6. Using the fine brush again, outline the nose & the ribbon.

7. Lastly, apply a clear top coat to seal it make it glossy but make sure to let it dry to avoid smearing the details.

Jaran!!! AJ's cute little nails!

One happy client! Hehehe... Very good atchie!!! She behaved very well while I was doing her nails.

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Have a happy weekend!

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