Saturday, April 23

Nail Art Tutorial: Cute Flower

This is another nail art tutorial in time for "Flores de Mayo". I remember when I was a kid way back in Iligan City when my father was assigned there and we live just at the back of the Church there. During the month of May, we will join a summer class during the month of May and we have a mini parade of different flowers. It inspires me to do this nail art. This can be done by beginners too, so easy to do.

Material needed:
nail polish (any color) for the base canvass
dotter tool
topcoat polish
for this nail art I choose a dark lavander shade for the base
as you can see I put on a yellow shade of polish dotted just on the side
next step: dip the dotter tool onto a fuschia shade nail polish
and just dot around 5 dots encircling the yellow dot
ta-da!!! now you've got a cute flower. =)
I choose to have 1 flower on the side of each nail to make it simple.
heres the finish look
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Happy Easter everyone! 

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Diary of a Late Bloomer said...

love your nail art! btw, i tagged you. check this link sis :)