Friday, April 27

No More Excuses!

I said to myself "no more excuses!", for the longest time my lifestyle has been unhealthy. Unhealthy in the sense that I don't regularly work out just like before when i was in my early 20's. I wasn't watching the food I'm getting into my body. I do eat vegies and fruits and I dont really eat too much in every meal but the most of my food intake are junkies. Most of all, I am not that physically active to even burn small amount of calories. The end result? I gained too much weight plus I am suffering hormonal imbalance. A few months from now I'll be celebrating my birthday, I told myself its now or never! I made a list for the goals I want to accomplish for the next 5 years. Most of them are simple and realistic goals, under each goal I also wrote how will I be able to attain my objective. I'm sure a lot of you are doing this already, for those who haven't done this yet it is never too late. We can only live once! Let us all try to make the most of it! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone