Saturday, February 19

Pampering My Crowning Glory

Hi! It's been quite sometime huh!? Oh well, it's a Saturday afternoon and I'm all by myself at home. "H" is having his overtime at his office since 2 of his staff resigned from work which means he has tons of work to finish. I drove my son to school this morning because he's meeting his groupmates there to finish some projects. Anyway, I decided to pamper my hair since I haven't done this for a month already (too lazy...). I usually do this on my own since I don't wanna spend my money over pricey salon treatments which I can get on a very cheaper price. Recently, I discovered this amazing Protein Treatment from hbc. You can find hbc stores almost anywhere, I usually go to Trinoma branch.

1000g/33 fl. oz. (around 400+php)

1. Shampoo and blow dry.
2.Apply Hortaleza Professional Protein Treatmeant to hair.
3.Spread throughout hair.
4.Apply heat or steamer or infrared for 20-30 mins.
5.Leave 30 seconds.
6. Rinse with lukewarm water.

I've been using this product for over 3 mos. now sometimes every week or every 2 weeks. Since I frequently color my hair, my hair is quite dry and dull. After using this product I can already notice a dramatic change even after 1 treatment. My hair is smoother, manageable & straighter. After treating my hair at a regular basis I noticed my hair is glossier. In fact, when I had my haircut done at my favorite salon (Piandre, Del Monte, Q.C.) my hairstylist told me that my hair is shinier than before. :)

So, did I already convince you gals to try this out? It wouldnt harm if you'll try this since its a lot cheaper and don't worry if you don't have a steamer at home, after applying the product put on a shower cap and leave the treatment on your hair for a longer period. You can still get the same result.

Always treat your crowning glory too! It also needs some attention, love and care. Our hair also gets damaged from sun exposure and from all those harsh chemicals/products we put on our hair. Have a nice weekend everybody!