Tuesday, August 14

My Haul from GIGA ("God Is Good Always")

Recently I have been obssessed in finding and trying organic and natural products for my skin, for my hair and even the supplements I am taking. This is all part of my endeavor in conquering my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). That would be anoher story.
This post will tackle my recent skincare purchase from the GIGA store. I stumbled upon this store at MOA last summer in which I bought their Tea Tree Oil which is only 160 pesos for a 10 ml bottle, which is way cheaper from The Body Shop. I mixed it with the virgin coconut oil which I use as my lotion at night and I also mixed a few drops with my shampoo for my dandruff.

This month I went to their smaller stall at Megamall branch which is located at the 2nd flr.,Mega B in front of the GUESS store. Below are all the photos and infos of the products I purchased myself. Before I went to the store I read from female network that they have a branch at SM North EDSA which would be nearest to me, I surfed over their website www.giga.com.ph and saw a contact no. of the owner and I sent sms asking the specific location of the store and I got a reply after few minutes that they closed the store there last January. The owner gave me the location in Megamall instead which is stated above. Since I also emailed her about my inquiry she emailes me the pricelists of all of their products which is good so I know right away what to get when I get to the store.

Seaweed Soap, Skin Lightening Soap, Scalp Treatment, Lavander  Room and Linen Spray,
 Seaweed Oil, Shea Butter and Massage Rub
Seaweed Soap (100gms/3.5 oz.) 75 pesos
Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Olive Oil,
Honey, Seaweed Extract, Peppermeint Oil, Apricot Seed, Sodium Silicate,
Oatmeal, TEDTA and BHT
The Seaweed soap isn't really in my list but since I got the Seaweed Oil I thought I'd give it a try. The seaweed oil I primarily bought since I love putting on oil every night on my body before I sleep and I laready run out of my VCO. In the box of Seaweed Soap it claims:  Made from a deep-water seaweed that has fat emulsifying properties. It contains many trace elements, minerals and vitamins derived from the sea which reduce the accumulation of fluid by penetrating your skin and encouraging the loss of subcutaneous body fat through osmosis. My point of view: It has a cool and tingling sensation this is because of the peppermint oil. I find it refreshing and after using it for 4 days now I find that my skin tightened. The slimming effect of course I dont expect that much from it since we need to eat right and accompany cardio exercises to attain our goal. 
From Seaweed Oil Bottle:  This easy to use oil has seaweed extract for metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich algae to hydrate and detoxify. No shower needed! The active moisturizing base includes essential oils of lavender and peppermint and virgin coconut oil to provide excellent results with our seaweed soap. Use with a body wrap for super firming and slimming. 
My point of view: Just like the soap it has cooling effect and then after a few seconds its has a hot feeling. I havent tried using a body wrap after applying it on my tummy but from the female network one comment there says its effective. I mainly use it on my tummy, upper legs and arms. I also have a therapist used it on my body as body massage oil at the spa this weekend. I find that it does'nt spread quickly because the consistency is much thicker than the oil the spa usually use but I like it because when the therapist was rubbing her hands on my back causing heat and friction it glides on smoothly plus I like the ralaxing smell of it.I'd definitely purchase this again when I run out. I just wish it also comes in 500 ml bottle instead of 1Liter cause its so expensive. I think the 1 Liter is around 2200-2300 pesos. I also like that my skin feels smoother after using it for sometime.
Massage Rub Cream (10 gms) 95 pesos
Ingredients: VCO, Beeswax, Peppermint oil, Mentha Arvensis, Ginger Oil and BHT
The Massage Rub Cream is also good. My mom likes it too because it smells good and its hotter than the "vicks" vaporising rub. This has good reviews too ate female network thats why I bought it.
Lavander Room and Linen Spray (100 ml) 165 pesos
Ingredients: Fruit Extract Distillate, Water, Lavander  oil and PPG
This Lavander scent Room and Linen Spray smells good! Though my son finds it smells like a man. I like it personally my room smells like a SPA, heaven... When I was buying this a man was also going to purchase a few bottles and he says he works in a hotel. So it must be good! I want to try next time the Chamomile scent or the Eucalyptus scent.
Pure Shea Butter (10gms) 180 pesos
Ingredients: Shea Butter (African Karite Nut)
The Pure Shea Butter was just recommended to me by the saleslady she said after using it on my face I'll see improvements on my pores but I dont use it on my face since I have oily face. I put this on my underarms at night. I find it doesnt spread easily and I dont really see any improvement on my skin. 
GIGA's claim: It is a skin moisturizer and helps protect against the weather and sun. Apply it to compliment healing of swelling and bruising. It helps dry skin, chapped lips, sunburn, and other skin problems like wrinkles around the eyes and peeling and cracking between toes. Shea butter is a great additive to skin care products because of its high Vitamin A and E content.
Scalp Treatment (100gms) 180 pesos
Ingredients: VCO, Beeswax, Tea Tree Oil, Lemongrass oil, Peppermint oil, Ginger oil
I have used this product twice already. I love the feeling on my scalp, I use this before I shampoo my hair. For me its effective for my dundruff. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly since its also oily and it will be hard to rinse off the oil. 
GIGA's claim:  Specifically formulated to calm, balance, and gently cleanse and moisturize irritated scalp. It nourishes and soothes and helps maintain the scalp’s natural moisture balance.
Skin Lightening Soap (100gms) 75 pesos
Ingredients: VCO, Aqua, Sodium Hydrixide, Olive oil, Sodium Silicate,
Licorice Root Extract, Vanilla oil, Oatmeal, TEDTA and BHT.
I use Skin Lightening soap on my face and underarms. I divided the soap bar into 2, 1 for my face and the other half on my underarms. On my face, I like that its not a dry compared to other whitening soaps. I havent noticed any visible effect yet since I have only been using this for 4 days. I have acne scars on my face. 
GIGA's Claim on the box:  This specially formulated soap contains glabridin from LICORICE root extract. It is known to inhibit the production of melanin, the substance that causes darkening of the skin and age spots. Licorice is the most effective, natural ingredient for skin lightening. 

There you go, this is a long post! I hope I gave enough informations about some of the products. They also sell products for babies and pets so check their website. They didnt pay me for this post but I really most of their products so I wanted to share it with you guys. A little trivia about the name of the store. GIGA stands for "God Is Good Always". I hope you could also post some comments below and share to me some of your favorite products from the store or any similar products that you find effective. Have a good day and positive vibes always!