Sunday, April 13

Saizen Haul

Hi! Today I decided to go to the nearest Saizen from my place. For those who do not about this store, it's a store selling Japanese products which costs 85 pesos each items. Initially, I just wanted to buy some storage for my spices for my kitchen. I saw these skin care products in the store which some bloggers are giving some good reviews (at least here in the Philippines). As I am always in the quest to find good products to control my oily skin, I wanted to give it a try.

Here they are: Charcoal Cleansing Cream, Charcoal Cleansinh Foam & the Nose Pack which I purchased for my teenager son. Since I am very excited I tried it immediately when I got home. I used the Cleansing Cream to remove my make up, and so far I like its scent and ot does its purpose on cleaning my face. It also removed my waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner! Wow! I am still crossing my fingers that these products won't break my skin. :)

The tubes are sealed with a foil.

This is the Cleansing Cream.

Here is the product up close! It's as a grayish color and pleasant light scent. It says in the instructions: Squeeze proper amount of the cleansing on hand and wipe out with tissue. *We recommend a charcoal cleansing foam after using it.

This is the Cleansing Foam. I don't like the scent... But I like the feel of my skin after rinsing. My skin feels matte after patting my face with a towel. I hope this works for my oily skin after a few use. :)Thanks again for reading my blog and please comment down below. -Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone