Saturday, March 26

Nail Art: Burberry

 Nail art tutorial featured here is my version of the Burberry like plaid print. There are lots of nail art tutorial like this over the youtube.

Nail polishes I used are:

a. basecoat from Elianto
b.ORLY in Country Ckub Khaki for my base color
c. topcoat with gold glitters
d. clear coat from Elianto
e. Sassy Nail Art polish with fine brush
    (photo showed below)

Sassy Nail Art polish with fine brushes in
red, white and black
(can be bought at Watson's for 24 pesos)

Apply base coat then let it dry for a sec. then followed
by the basecolor (ORLY- Country Club Khaki)
Let it dry before proceeding to the next steps.

Apply the white nail polish with fine brush horizontally.

Apply another white nail polish horizontally, make sure to
leave a small space in between.

Apply a black nail polish horizontally in between the 2 white lines.

Apply another horizontal lines using black nail polish
above and below each white lines as shown above.

Apply white nail polish this time in vertical lines. Leave a small space
in between the 2 lines as shown above.
(this photo is edited thru photosop as I accidentally erased
the pic I took for this step)

Apply black nail polish vertically in between the white lines you did earlier
then apply another 2 lines to the left and right of the white vertical lines.

Lastly, apply another horizontal line with nail red polish as shown above.
Let it dry completely then apply the glittered nail polish and apply the
clear topcoat polish.

Hope you like this design, very classy and neat. I did this nail art on my own though I have a hard time doin this to my right hand since I am a right handed person. You can do this also! Just practice, practice and practice. Enjoy the weekend and till next time. =)