Thursday, August 4

My Asian Salad

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted another blog. I have to do some things very very important and I will disclose it here someday but for now I am still crossing my fingers and have been praying hard for a positive result. 

Anyway, I'd like to share my version of Asian Salad. I have been trying to lose weight lately and trying to eat healthy foods. I must say it is a struggle! You know, its very hard to cut off some habits that we are used to. I am trying minimize drinking sods also but this one is so so hard for me... I guess this is the only vice I have LOL. I am addicted to it! 

A friend of mine suggested this ready made vinaigrette from our local groceries here in the Philippines which is "MANGO VINAIGRETTE". I immediately head on the supermarket to grab a bottle of this since I am a huge lover of mango. It is my super favorite fruit and I remember whenever I get sick during my childhood days I'd request my parents to buy me mangoes. I don't know, I really feel good when I eat this fruit.

Mango Vinaigrette from Dizon Farms

Here are the other ingredients for my Asian Salad:

chicken breast fillet Teriyaki (cut into cubes)
Arugula & Mixed Greens 
a dash of Japanese Rice toppings (seaweeds & sesame seeds)
Basically these are all the ingredients for my Asian Salad. I also added some croutons to add a crunchy texture. The Japanese rice toppings are last minute additional ingredient I added. It balances the tangy flavor of the salad dressing but if you're staying away with salt then this isn't an option. I promise you this is so yuuuuummmmy! Hope you'll try this soon! Goodnight peeps!