Thursday, February 24

Nail Art: My DIY Nail Stamping

 I can almost smell summer and I love love summer! If you'd let me choose where to go on a vacation I would rather choose to go to a beach destination. It is where I can feel very close to nature and can feel peaceful atmosphere the most.

Anyway, since summer is near I saw this nail polish at PCX yesterday and immediately called my attention! Its called Green With Envy from ORLY. I think the color is so refreshing! and suited for summer. You guys can't see clearly the color in the photos that I have taken (sorry! I'm just using my iphone) but it's like the color green of the tail of the famous mermaid "Ariel" from "The Little Mermaid".


 Things needed are basecoat, nail polish of your choice, topcoat and nail stamp kit. First and foremost have your manicure and pedicure for a neat and nice canvass. ;) Apply first your basecoat, as for me I prefer to use a nail strengthener since my nails breaks easily. Let it dry for a while then followed by applying the color base for 2-3 coats and let it dry completely (this is very important because if you don't you'll ruin your base). If you think that it's completely dry already, take out your nail stamp kit.

1. Choose a nail polish color for your stamping. I choosed a white one for this one. On the design disc, apply nail polish.
2. Immediately scrape off the extra polish with the tool provided.
3. Press the stamp onto the design you desired on the disc.

4. Press the stamp onto your own nails.
5. Apply the top coat directly onto the design if you are done.
*Optional: you can add some other designs to it also. Have fun with it!

Ain't it fun to be a gurl! *wink wink. They also offer this in some salons but its pricey so if you have time and wanna be creative do it yourself! It'd be fun and nice bonding time with "girlfriends" too!

It'll be TGIF tomorrow, I hope my "H" will ask me for a dinner or moviedate tomorrow! (so I can have a chance to show-off my newly glam nails!).