Friday, January 21

My Cakepops!

My nephew Hyderabad R. Casar, Jr. was welcomed to the Christian World last Jan.15, 2011. I was thinking of a nice and unique gift for him and "cakepops"! came into my mind.

Since I so love being creative and loves baking, I attempted to make these cakepops. I learned about these through my cousin Jem, who makes 'em and sells them by order for those who lives in Lipa,Batangas. I called her and asked for tips on making these goodies and also watched some videos over Youtube for tutorial.

Cakepops originally from "Bakerella" who loves baking and blogs about her works. It's basically a cake formed into balls and coated with chocolate.

I decided to make moist chocolate cake, vanilla moist cake and strawberry cake for my cakepops and choosed blue and white as my color motif for the occasion.

My first attempt to make these cakepops was a disaster! I thought it was that simple, but i had a lot of wasted cakepops. Some would fall off from the stick before the chocolate coating hardens and some have cracked chocolates after. I needed to make 240 pcs., yeah that's a lot huh?! The storage was also the problem. I cannot pile them up together since the pieces below would be compressed and these cakepops are very delicate. The humid weather also was a main problem.

I accomplished this project of mine for 7 days all in all, but after seeing and tasted my finished products...I was relieved! Phew! My son, who is my no.1 critic! Gave it a thumbs up! He's favorite is the chocolate moist cakepops and mine is the strawberry cakepops. Thank God the guests also loved them and appreciated them though some thought that it wasn't an edible one and left some on the table. For others who tasted it still asks the hosts if they can still have another one.