Monday, September 5

Work Of Art

The picture above has been edited already. Anyhow, I have been thinking for a while what to do with my bare wall in our small living room. My family rents this studio type place since our house is in a village very far from work. Its a small place so its really very challenging how to use wisely the small space we have. As mentioned it is a rented place and the my original plan was that I would paint some art on the wall but I opted to just buy a wall decal and assemble it on.

I bought it for 200 pesos at a "Daiso" store. Not bad ei!

Shown above is a closer look of the design. All you have to do is to prepare your canvass which is your wall. Clean it very well and make sure its not greasy and wet. Plan ahead how you would assemble the stickers on the wall.

Voila!!! The finished product. So easy and affordable. What do you think? Please do share your thoughts and ideas below and also if you have any good ideas on how to store and where to buy storage for shoes pls do share. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone