Thursday, April 7

Nail Art: Summer Bloom

Summer is in the air and I always associate the flowers during this time of the year. Eventhough the weather is crazy nowadays, have fun with it. Plan a summer vacation somewhere with your loved ones and don't forget to be fabulous with your summer outfits and accessories.

Here's a great way to have fun with your nails and I hope you'll also have your own version or just follow this nail art tutorial. Always wear a smile, wear your shorts or your short dresses gurls!

Before starting, prepare the things needed:
dotter tool
detailer brush
nail polish remover (to clean the brush)
any nail polish quick dry (here i use Orly Spritz Dry)
glitters (optional)

Nail polishes: white, blue, yellow, red, green, basecoat,
    & topcoat

1. Apply white shade nail polish for the base. (let it dry)

2. Using red nail polish (used Orly in Soul Mate) create 3-4
    flowers using the tip of the brush. Let dry.
    (just follow the photos below how I achieved a flower design
     but you can have your own version)

3. Clean the detailer brush with nail polish remover when shifting
    to another color.

4. Using yellow nail polish create 3-4 smaller flowers around
    red flowers using a yellow shade nail polish to the pattern.
    Don't be afraid to overlap flowers. Let dry.

5. Pain tiny leaves with green nail polish (used Orly in Envy Me)
in between the flowers, using the tip of the brush. Let dry.

OPTIONAL: mix white & gold glitters with a clear nail polish
& paint it over the yellow flowers.

5.Dip the small side of the Dotter Duo into the Blue nail polish.
  Create small dots in the center of your flowers. Let dry.
6. Apply the topcoat and spray the quick dry for faster drying.
Now we're done! =)
(my version of the Floral Look Nail Design from Orly)
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BabyJap,RN said...

pretty! :) i thought theyre water slide decals for the nails! good job sis! :)

Baya Casar-Sy said...

@BabyJap: tnx sis! You're not the only one who thought its nail decals. :) This one is easier to do.