Friday, June 17

Wedding Galore!

hair & make up done by yours truly
(Most of the brand I used for my make up is from M.A.C. for those who were asking
the l/s is in the shade of PINK NOUVEAU- been asked several times what I'm wearing)

L-R: Jane, Aracelli, Chiqui and me
(dress:Tango, clutch bag: forever21, wooden bangles:mango. I also added a belt 
to accessorize the dress to give it a twist cause I'm afraid that I could run into another 
person with the same dress! which I have experienced before, It was a shame... and disaster...)
Just to share my look for the day during Owen & Litz's wedding day (click here). Stay fab and pretty! Have a nice long weekend everybody. ;)


csingson93 said...

love your pink lipstick!:) love your blog..following you now!:) xoxo Cheryl

Baya said...

tnx! @google-f51d8f309cd373bae546ecbbbaae5409:disqus for following and taking time to read my blog. ;)