Friday, June 17

Owen & Litz's Wedding

Hi everyone! I have not been writing very often as before since for the past 4 months I have been busy plus I dont have a house help and I am sooo exhausted already to write. 24 hours in a day seems not enough to do all my house chores and all the other responsibilities and tasks I need to do in a day.

So anyway, its June and its the month of weddings! During this month of the year many choose to have their weddings and to become a "June Bride". In fact, for this month I was invited for 3 weddings! For us females it is such a dilemma! What dress to wear in accordance to the theme of the wedding, what shoes goes with the outfit, hair and make up, accessories to wear... etc. etc. etc. Being a fashionista myself, I love dressing up! but attending 3 wedding events in a month?! phew being effortless is impossible!

Last weekend I attended a wedding of my high school batchmate from La Salle Academy, Iligan City (the City where I spent almost half of my life I guess). Owen and Litz's Wedding, the groom is my friend btw. I recieved a sms from Owen last year telling me to please save the date June 12, 2011 for him because he was getting married. I am truly happy for my dear friend when I got the news!
I love the invitation it is so cutey!
I was not really surprised that they would end up together. Owen did put a lot of effort in the relationship, imagine Owen always travel to "the land down under" which is Australia, just to be with Litz. I could still remember that whenever we have a get together with the other high school batch mates, Owen has to excuse himself because Litz is calling or he would be in hurry because they have to talk over the skype. Thanks to the technologies! Long distance relationships works! hehehe...

Owen looks a dashing groom. I also congratulate him for making sure to look great on the most important day of his life. He lost weight, 60 lbs in all! Good job! The bride is so lovely as well! I love the wedding dress and the details at the back of her dress. I love that it is simple and elegant. 

From L-R: Jane, Aracelli, Chiqui and Me

My dress was a last minute buy, I know I got the invite last year... I wasn"t really planning on buying a new dress but I realized I have all of my formal dresses in black and I asked Owen if I could wear black but I know in my mind that most likely it can't be since the the bride is Chinese and for us Filipinos we have this superstitious belief that wearing black in a wedding is bad luck. I still asked since nowadays it is ok to some. So ladies, ask permission if you're not sure. 

It was a fun filled event! Everybody thinks that the couple were a match made in heaven. Congratulations to the newly wed! Cheers to the both of you and may God bless your marriage always.
*** To get my look during the wedding please click here.

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