Thursday, April 28

Let’s NAIL The Problem!

I will be posting soon this Nail Art Tutorial
for the meantime try a couple of my Nail Art demos
Burberry Nail Art
Summer Bloom Nail Art
Most of my blog entries are about Nail Art Tutorials. I just feel naked without nail polish on my fingernails that’s why even if I’m on duty in hospitals I still have a sheer nail polish on. I owe it to you my lovely readers on how to take care of your fingernails properly. Applying cutesy nail lacquers on your nails are just superficial, whats more important is that we take care properly of the nails itself.

Tips for having healthy nails:

1. Always keep nails clean and dry.

2. Stop nail biting! It just promotes chipping of nails.

3. Apply moisturizers onto the cuticles (there are specialized cuticle moisturizers sold everywhere). Look for phospholipids, urea and lactic acid in the ingredients, these will prevent chipping and brittleness of the nails.

4. Use nail polish removers that have moisturizers or avoid using those that have acetone or formaldehyde for these will promote dryness.

5. File the nails in just only one direction.

6. Lastly, eat well balanced diet especially protein rich foods. Take vitamins, particularly containing BIOTIN in it  essential for having a good skin, healthy hairs and nails.

***Fingernails can also help us detect some signs of systemic damage or gives us clues on some disorders.

      It Looks Like                               It Could Mean
Persistent nail-biting or picking                              Obsessive-compulsive disorder

White nails                                                           Liver diseases such as hepatitis

Yellowish, thickened, slow-growing nails               Lung diseases such as emphysema

Yellowish nails with a slight blush at the base         Diabetes

Half-white, half-pink nails                                      Kidney disease

Red nail beds                                                        Heart disease

Pale or white nail beds                                           Anemia, Malnutirition
Pitting or rippling of the nail surface                       Psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis

"Clubbing," a painless increase in tissue                 Lung diseases

around the ends of the fingers,
or inversion of the nail                                          
Irregular red lines at the base of the nail fold          Lupus or connective tissue disease

Thin and concave nail and have raised ridges         Iron deficiency

Here's a link showing a slideshow

What your nails say about your health


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