Sunday, May 8

Fast Five

Finally! Me, "H" and my son-Shawn had a movie date last Saturday @ GB3. It's been a while since we watched a movie. My son is a huge huge fan of "Fast and The Furious". I cannot tell anymore how many time he has watched every single sequel. Shawn just loves car so much and in fact when he was a little boy if you ask him what will he be when he grows up he'll tell you he wants to be a "car racer" the one that the police men will chase me Mama. LOL. Kids say the darnest things, don't they?! He even knows all the models of the cars plus all the other accessories a car have. This enticed him to have ample collections of hot wheels also.

"Fast and the Furious" 5 aka "Fast Five" starring Vin Diesel as Dominic Torreto and Paul Walker as Brian O' Conner (btw, I think Paul looks way much better in this part). Directed by Justin Lin and written by Chris Morgan. Being a 5th part of the installment of Fast and the Furious, it still amazes me to watch it. I tell you I have a short attention span in watching movies! I get bored easily but this one nah! Eventhough it's a 3 hrs movie, I enjoyed every single minute of it. I love the chasing part of the movie where Vin Diesel and Paul walker were dragging a big vault all over the busy streets of Rio. Plus the fact that I have a huge crush on Paul Walker... sigh... ; ) Not to mention that Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs is part of the new cast, Great! All the other main characters from the other parts were united. This means action packed movie!!!

Shawn enjoyed it also and my son's laugh is so contagious but I have to warn him to tone it down because the person sitted in front him kept on looking back at him. I think a tadbit of downside about it is that I still want more action and more car racing scenes. Just a tip for those who still haven't watched it, stay put on your sits until the credits ends because there's a bonus part there. Oh! I can't wait for another installment of Fast and the Furious! There will be more twists to the story for sure and more drama. I won't say more cause I might spoil the fun of watching it. It's Monday tommorow back to work again. Enjoy the rest of the week guys! Happy Mother's Day again to all the hotmommas out there!

Unforgettable Lines:

If you're gonna survive, stop thinking like a cop. You're in my world now.
--Dominic Torreto

The men we're after are professional runners. We find them; we take them as a team and we bring them back. And above all else, we never ever let them get into cars.


We just went from the middle of the "most wanted" list to the very top.
--Brian O'Conner

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