Saturday, March 12

Nail Art DIY 2: Nail Art Sticker

This is my second nail art tutorial which is a very hassle free and super cheap too. You may be wondering why I have some photos here with the PREVIEW MAGAZINE (vol. 16 no.2) of March 2011 issue. Well... I got my inspiration from this issue. =) This magazine captured my attention because of the vibrant color of the cover and Georgina Wilson and Borgy Manotoc are so hot! hot! hot! They are both the Bench Body's newest endorser.
I love the dramatic and slick look of Georgina and Borgy here... Of course going back to our topic for today, the leopard print design of Georgina's nails are so awesomely wild!

photo taken from Preview Magazine
March 2011 issue p.166

p. 164 of Preview Magazine
March 2011

... then I remembered I have a nail art haul bought months ago and I have a similar leopard nail art sticker design with Georgina's nails. So I decided to give it a try on my nails.

Here's How To Do It Yourself:

*Materials needed:
-nail art sticker just like the photo above
-clear nail polish
-nail file

(Make sure that you already had your manicure done)

1. Cut the nail art stickers according to its shape.
2. Trace the cut out stickers on your nail so you would know
     what length of it you will need.

3. Lightly moisten the back of the sticker so it would separate easily.
4.Pick it up with a tweezer and put it on the nail.
   The round end has to be at the cuticle.

5. Trim again just close enugh to the edge of your nail.
6. Make sure that it is fit on the shape of your nails and
    smoothen it out that no air bubbles inside left.
7. You can now apply the sheer nail polish.
     Don't worry about the excess edges because
     it will melt upon applying the clear top coat polish.
8. Smoothen the edges with the nail file and let it dry.

Here's my version of the "leopard nail art design"
similar to Georgina's digi-stamped nail art.

to prolong this kind of nail art just apply a clear nail polish after 2 days.
Hope you'll try it too! There's a lot of fabulous designs and it's easy to do. Have a nice night! (Enjoying my Preview Magazine over a cup of hot tea latte and with a bossa nova music playing in my background) 


feiane (fe-yan) said...

super nice!!!!

Catanya said...

Oh wow! thank you very much for this detailed tutorial! I will definitely try it soon!
XOXO from a new follower,

Baya Casar-Sy said...

@ Feiane: Tnx! =) When I get to visit you, will give you some of this nail art.

@CATANYA: Tnx Catanya! Let me know if you have already tried this nail art. =)