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My HG Hair Mask

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TBS: Brazil Nut Moisture Mask
(To restore and strengthen, DRY/DAMAGED/CHEMICALLY
TREATED HAIR)-200ml 6.4oz(184g)
"Community Trade Brazil nut, olive and sesame oils add gloss, wheat Brazil nut amino acids penetrate hair shaft to add moisture and improve manageability. Helps reduce breakage, prevent damage from heat styling and aid combing. The result? Healthy- looking, beautifully soft, shiny hair. Apply to damp hair, wrap in a towel or cap, leave for 15 mons. or overnoght, depending on your hair's conditon. Ronse, then shampoo and condition as normal. If product gets in eyes, rinse with clean water."
 Brazil Nut Moisture Mask from The Body Shop has been a staple for my hair regimen for over 6 years now. I tell you, I have not been loyal to a sole product other than this! =) It's because it really worked for me and eventhough its expensive it's all worth it!

I started to use this hair mask years ago when I had my hair rebonded and the result- my hair was totally damaged! I paid for 7 thousand for that at a known salon. My hair that time was long like 5 inches below my shoulder already... Well at first I didnt know that it got damaged, for those who already had their hair rebonded the aftercare instructions would be not wet hair for 3 days. So after 3 days after taking a bath... and when my hair was air dried already OMG! my hair became super super dry and it really got kinky! That was really a disaster, I really cried over it! Imagine, you shelled out a lot of money just to get your hair damaged!!! My mistake was, I didnt get back to that salon to complain... I dont know why...

I tried a lot of hair products to revive my damaged hair and so when I saw this hair mask at The Body Shop I told myself I should try this but when I saw the price I got second thoughts but hey! what the heck I told myself maybe this time it'll work for me. That time it was only Php 645 but when I bought it last year it's already Php750.

During the time when my hair was badly damaged, I would apply on my damp hair and cover with a shower cap and leave it on overnight. I did that religiously 2x a week and use a hair spa from L'oreal alternatively. I got better result when i used this hair product. I was doing that routine for 3 mos then after seeing that I can already see an improvement I lessened the frequency of using this hair mask. Up to this date I use this on a regular basis especially after coloring my hair.

Tomorrow is Monday and another new day to start the working week! I hope you guys doesnt have the blues for tommorrow. Sleep early guys! and dont forget to wear your smile at your work :). Enjoy and love whatever your job is.

DISCLAIMER: I wasn't paid to review this product. I bought this product with my own money and because this product worked for me, I wanted to share to my readers my experience with this product. Purchase this at your own discretion.

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