Tuesday, January 25

Smoky Eyes: MAC Cosmetics

I was going to attend an evening party last month and usually I hire a professional to do my make-up and my hair-do. Unfortunately my usual make-up artist isn't available on the day of the occasion so I decided to invest for a good eyeshadow & foundation. I asked the make-up artist for the best cosmetic line and he suggested Mac or Shu Uemura. Hmmm... these brands are quite expensive I thought but I'd still like to check them out. To cut the story short I bought 2 new eyeshadows, a liquid foundation plus a brow set which the sales representative recommended to me. They are all from MAC btw. The latter, I wasn't quite convinced yet if I'm going to buy since I'm in a tight budget. I asked Ish who is btw a very lovely & friendly make-up artist from Mac to give me some demos on how to do my make-up. She suggested for me to opt for "smoky eyes" for a more dramatic look. She was able to convince me to buy the brow set in "Girl Boy" because it suits the color of my hair which is a light shade of brown. When I saw the result it actually makes a difference!

So here are the pics and the make-up was all done by me. Would you be brave enough to ask me to do yours too?! :)

If you're also opting for a "smoky eyes" look, your lipstick and blush should be on a lighter hue. Here I used Mac lipstick in (Hug Me) and over it Victoria's Secret Very Sexy lip gloss in Hot Pants and Miel Glace powder blush from Lancome.

Overall, I am satisfied with my new cosmetic loot but not so with the foundation. I think I did'nt get the right shade for me but for its purpose it served me well. It's a pro-long wearing foundation for my semi-oily face. Maybe I am just not used to it yet... hmmm... I'll let you know and update you again about this new foundation of mine. 

This post isn't a paid advertisement nor associated with Mac Cosmetics but if you wanna go and check out MAC cosmetics don't be intimidated. They'd gladly help you and assist you. Ish is btw from Trinoma's branch of MAC.


Anonymous said...

ganda nman dai...marunong ka pla mag make up e...bongga...:)

Baya Casar-Sy said...

Thanks so much dai! hehehe... Di pa ko gaano magaling needs more practice!

Jemi said...

nice make up and beautiful face really make sense...:) sakit sabulsa ng cosmetics mo cuz need more thinking for me to buy that product...:)

Baya Casar-Sy said...

Tnx! :) Yes, they're expensive but very good investment cuz! I've tried so many brands before but so far Mac works best for me especially their eyeshadows.
I'm also lucky because most of the make-ups I got are from my mom-in-law and Aunt.