Monday, January 24

My New Favorite Singer: Karolina Pasierbska

I haven't heard yet of this singer "Karolina Pasierbska" from anybody but oh boy! oh boy! I love her voice and her own renditions of some songs from jazz to modern music. Karolina is renowned as a singer of many different styles and genres. She reached the finals of many important vocal competitions, including one of the most famous polish TV competitions "Szansa na sukces". ("Chance for Success") Yes! She's from Trzebnica, Poland.

My most fave' is her own version of "Someone Like You" from the musical "Jekyll & Hyde". Next would be "But I Do Love You originally sang by Leann Rimes.

For those who loves Bossa Nova genre, you'll appreciate her version of "Fly Me To The Moon".

What do you think?

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