Sunday, December 26

My 2010

Wow! It's been a year since I wrote my last blog here... Oh well... I have been attempting to put some new entries here but...
It has been a roller coaster ride for me this year. From job hunting, finding myself, you know like when you dont know which path you will move on to?! For this year, Yes! I did some spontaneous activities because I am always the kind of person who would always plan what to do and would like to know what should I expect from the things that I will do and somehow in the end this just disaapoints me when things got spoiled. Sometimes being spontaneous is fun and it actually works!
Did some crazy decision which I'm beginning to regret and felt guilty about it because it's not just me! But hey! We only live once! I have learned a lot of things about it and appreciated the people around me and what I have already in my life. I always think that people around me are true to me and that he/she wouldnt take advantage of me. I can easily trust a person and I always assume that he will do the same to me. I am really an amatuer in this game of life huh! What do you expect? I reached this age not having enough social life, in fact I am just starting to discover life. Yeah! its True! Its a jungle out there!
So I tried to be bitchy at some occasions, all becasuse I was provoked! Dont get me wrong. But... I really can't stand it! I dont really feel good about it at some point. Living in this world of ours is just so tough!