Sunday, December 20

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I have been thinking to have my own blog for the longest time. Basically to tackle everything under the sun. I may talk about my life, some things I do, like new adventures in my life.
I love to eat and cook but I also love eating out and trying out new restaurants. Cooking is one my passion, though i didnt get to enroll myself in a culinary class which I would love to do in the future. Asian, Asian-fusion and Italian cuisines are my favorites. I love to travel explore and seek adventures. I soo love the beach and if given the chance I would love to learn scuba diving. Being next to nature makes me appreciate life more! Especially underwater when I tried snorkelling in Boracay, its sooo amazing! I tried already water surfing and its so much fun! I wish I could go back often to Baler, Aurora (which is my hometown btw) to learn more about this sport.
I hope in time I could do the things I would love to do and be good at it! Life is too short after all!
I am very enthusiastic about this. I love writing and expressing what I feel. So this is it! I do hope I wont bore my reader because I tend to be very excited and just go on and on and on blah blah blah... Explore with me my "zestylife".


Brian & Anna said...

About time. Follower mo kami ni Anna

Baya Casar-Sy said...

Hi Anna & Brian! Thank you so much for your support! :) Miss you guys!