Sunday, April 10

Cranberry Lover

Whoa! Raisinets Nestle now comes in cranberry! As I was doing my regular monthly grocery yesterday at S&R I saw 2 variants of the Raisinets. The regular Raisinets is a usual staple in my grocery list since I have a sweet tooth.

It's regular price is 124.95 php but wait! When I saw that they marked down the price for less 25 php, I grabbed another 1! ;)

When I crave for something sweet or I want a snack I usually grab on this. Makes me less guilty of eating chocolate. Plus it's good to know that its a natural source of FRUITANTIOXIDANTS, which help maintain good health.

(I had the courage to try this because of my friend Ish who raved about this last week as her FB stat.)

Here's a pic of moi and Ish @ the MAC booth Trinoma Branch during the launch of MAC Wonder Woman Limited Collection.

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